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9 Pfade für Wildgestaltung

I am mentoring an 8 year long alternative education, that is (almost) free, outdoors, children and dog friendly and gives you all the tools you need to get wild in the worlds and be an integral creator and maintainer of sustainable projects.

I am especially present in the first year to kickstart the group in their community-building process, with the design of their own learning journey and some basics of fundraising. It is part of the education to learn how to manifest money and heal our money wounds.

I will return in the third optional year of body and sound to bring in my own background from my music therapy studies and harmonical research, going into patterns, frequencies and waves and how everything is connected.
I can talk hours and days about this, so this is what I will do.

I added the 9th learning path that will go alongside the education, focusing on personal growth an metaphysical abilities.

I can apply almost all of my skills from my toolbelt.
In particular I will share almost everything I know about:

  • Dragon Dreaming
  • Fundraising
  • Empowered Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Sociocracy 3.0
  • Permaculture
  • Gift Economy
  • Deep ecology
  • Community Building
  • Telepathy, Telekinesis and other things you have to believe in

In contrary to my usual workshops, usually lasting only a few days, I can stay with people for a really long time, if they want and bring them on a completely different level of seeing and interacting with the world. They might become a bit more wild, though 🙂

Also I worked on the website, and I am active in shooting a documentary about the program, which in itself will become a part of my movie about

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I am traveling back in to our present time to change our future together with you.

The intergalactic congress could not give us another planet, but they could equip me and a lot of other travelers with the right tools for our time to make a transition towards resilience.

An interactive movie for independent cinemas released in episodes on youtube and our website.

Watch the trailer

Get involved

If you have an idea or want to be present in the movie with the awesome things you are doing to change our future, please contact us through the website:

Support the project

This is a big project that we are doing now for 3 years.

Please support our work with a little donation, so we can afford special effects and costumes.

Countless hours of volunteering have already gone into the idea that actually started with a future congress


Wir bauen Zukunft

Auf 2500qm habe ich in 3 Jahren einen essbaren Waldgarten angelegt um zukunftssichere Landwirtsschaft zu demonstrieren, die dem Klimawandel entgegenwirkt, indem CO2 im Boden und in den Bäumen gebunden wird. Ich habe die ersten zwei Jahre die nötigen Mittel durch Fundraising besorgt und mit Hilfe von vielen Freiwilligen haben wir über 250 Bäume geplfanzt, einen Teich und Market Gardening Beete angelegt, sowie 200m Zaun gezogen und 3 Tore gebaut. Und natürlich hatten wir dabei eine super Zeit und leckeres Gemüse!


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